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Post  Steve on Mon Nov 03, 2008 3:09 pm

This is a list of things you should NOT do on the forum
* Post links to any warez files or warez sites, illegal material, pornographical content, or anything else that would not be considered "Safe for Work".
* Flame. Flaming is verbally attacking people or groups of people. Name-calling and defamatory comments are typical examples of flaming.
* Rant. Ranting is posting irate and normally nonconstructive comments.
* Troll. Trolling is posting to provoke others, luring them to flame or rant. Trolling is sometimes done involuntarily, so please be considerate when posting.
* Spam. Spamming is posting the same thing several times, or posting without any real content. "Bumping" (posting to move a thread up on the forum list) and cross-posting (posting the same thread in several forums) are examples of spam.
* Fight. Taking a personal conflict to the bulletin board is not needed. Allow those not involved to avoid having to see it.
* Use profanity. Please respect other users and do not use foul language and profanity in your posts. This includes trying to 'mask' such language by substituting letters or symbols.
* There is NO support via PM. Do NOT message mods or admins about support issues, please use the appropriate support forum.
* Post very large images which stretch out the page and make it difficult to find actual text (usually horizontally it's too large).
* Color your replies or posts in a specific color. It's annoying to adjust your eyes every time to read everyone's unique text color.
* Abuse the Report Post option.
* No Imagebannana links. Use a different host if you're going to post images here.

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